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Air Conditioning Service in Spring Hill

Spring Hill families call on Jim Rice A/C Services when they need a fast, professional and reliable air conditioning contractor.  Call us today at 352-442-7748 to solve your air conditioner problem!

Coming home to a hot house in the heat of Florida is less than desireable! Fortunately Jim Rice A/C Services is here to help make sure your air conditioner is always keeping your home cool.

Reach out to Jim Rice A/C Services for any of these Air Conditioning Services.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Ductless Air Conditioners

Commercial HVAC

If your Air Conditioner isn't providing the cold air you require, you may need a new filter.


How to Properly Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Whether you have a central air conditioning system or a one room unit, it's essential that you properly mainain it to make sure it works when you need it most and lasts as long as possible.

Follow these quick tips for keeping your air conditioner in great shape.

  • Change Your Air Filter Once Per Month

    Changing the air filter is arguably the best thing you can do to properly maintain your air conditioner.

  • Keep The Coils Clean

    Be sure to keep the coils clean to avoid placing unnecessary strain on your air conditioner. We recommend taking the first step, by clearing the area around the outdoor unit.

  • Check The Fins

    If you notice the fins are bent, you can purchase a fin comb to solve the issue or call a professional air conditioning technician to assist.

  • Inspect The Condensate Drain

    If you notice water isn't draining properly, unclog the obstruction or contact your local air conditioning company.

  • Schedule a Professional Maintenance Appointment

    When you schedule a maintenance appointment, your entire air conditioner will be cleaned, inspected and tuned. This ensures it is functioning when you need it most and we look for any underlying issues.


Whether it's for preventative maintenance, repair or a replacement of your air conditioner, you can count on Jim Rice A/C Services. Call us in the Spring Hill area at 352-442-7748!


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