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Javier Pinzon
2 weeks ago
Jim Rice A/C has now helped me on a house of mine 3 times now. I do not primarily live in the area so to have someone so dependable is invaluable to say the least. He is very professional and does a great job. Very lucky to have them in the area!
Frances Wanchick
a month ago
The best prices from the the companies I contacted. AND services never even sent me the quote. He told me someone had sat on my ductwork, smashing it down. Although, he never took pictures of this alleged damage. Jim Rice and another area company denied there was damage. The employees knew what they were doing. The whole a/c installation took about 3 good. I would definitely recommend them.
Rick Epsteen
5 months ago
Jim is the best in the business! He is very professional and honest. After countless times that he could have up-sold me and told me that my entire system needed replaced, he didn’t. He was very upfront and said that while my system is old (especially for FL) he would do everything he could to keep my system running for as long as he could. In fact, he has kept it running for years beyond the normal life span. One night he even came over after a youth baseball game, so that my family did not have to sleep in the heat and humidity. If you want someone that will tell you things just to get your money then call someone else. But if you want an honest, professional, and respected business then look no further than Jim Rice A/C. Jim really is the best in the business!
Jody Black
5 months ago
Jim was able to schedule me in the next day(thank goodness!). He showed up on time, was very professional, extremely personable and made me feel very comfortable regarding honesty. He was quick and charged me an honest, fair price. I will definitely be calling him again in the future. Thank you Jim!
Christine Brown
4 months ago
We called Jim Rice this morning when we realized our A/C wasn't working. Panic was setting in because I have MS and being in the heat paralyzes me. And yes, it's been HOT. I would have been sitting in the car before long. Jim came to our home first thing and replaced a start capacitor on our system. Jim Rice A/C is a great company and has installed our home A/C unit and a mini-split in our garage. Jim was a life saver for us today. Highly recommend!!!!! Thanks Jim.


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